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Description: Cheese Cloth Applications in a Restaurant

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Customer – (10:22:53 AM) – Good morning! I’m Rosa representing an organization known as The Cheese Factory. The Cheese factory isn’t as well known as other restaurants but we are slowly building our reputation by opening several outlets throughout which specialize in cheese and cheese-related dishes. With cheese being our specialty, our chefs will be making their own cheese using cheesecloth. For that purpose, our restaurant was in search for organizations like yours where we could get the fabric in large numbers at a good discount. We hope you don’t disappoint us.

Factory – (10:23:11 AM) –
Good morning! We won’t disappoint you. As per your needs, we can offer cheesecloth as a bulk order at a nominal discount. However, you’ll need to be a little more specific. Can you tell me what grade of cheesecloth you will use to make cheese? Our inventory has all the grades right from Grade #10 to the Grade #90 in our inventory.

Customer – (10:23:34 AM) – I think the chefs mentioned that they are most comfortable with the highest grade of cheesecloth, the kind with a fine weaving.

Factory – (10:23:52 AM) –
The Grade #50, Grade #60, and Grade #80 of Cheesecloth fabric fit your description perfectly. They are available and very cost-effective. Coming to the measurement, how many yards of cheesecloth are you willing to order?

Customer – (10:24:12 AM) –
We need a lot, so around 50x10 yards each of the Grade #50, Grade #60, and Grade #80 cheesecloth grades. How and where do I enter my details for the shipping?

Factory – (10:24:25 AM) –
You can visit our website online and place your order there. Coming to shipping costs, as we have our own shipping service, our rates in the GTA are cheaper when compared to third party courier services. If you prefer the latter, you can also avail their delivery services which could cost you extra. Once you enter your order and checkout, you will be able to view the items in your shopping cart. Contact us before you pay for the order and we'll get you a discount. The shipping charges are independent and no discount is applicable to them.

Customer – (10:24:57 AM) – Thank you so much. I shall place the order this weekend.

Factory – (10:25:13 AM) – Do contact us then. Have a good day.

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