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Description: ‘Bulk order discount for a TV show & Theater Business'

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Customer (11:30:14) Good morning, my name is Larry. I am in urgent need for fabrics and related units and am disappointed in the service provided by many organizations that either charge excessively high or have extremely poor quality or both. You are my last hope among many organizations in the entire state of Canada. Please tell me that I have come to the right place, sir?

Factory (11:31:14)  Hello Larry! Firstly, I’ll like to mention that you have in fact come to the right place. Our inventory has everything related to fabrics. We are one of the largest manufacturing units of fabrics in the Canada. How may I help you today, Larry?

Customer (11:32:14) Well now, I am pretty satisfied that this was the right decision. I’m one of the producers on board of Netherealm productions. Recently in our sessions, we, the producers have been discussing and sharing our ideas and develop them into viable Hollywood projects. One of the projects that I am currently heading is a Kids TV show for which I had an urgent requirement for top quality fabric. The need for the material was specifically for the set’s backdrops, props and costumes.

Factory  (11:33:14)  As a part of top quality fabric and fabric material, our product range has various finished goods, fabric, blankets and tablecloths. The product range would for sure comply with the production process of your TV show. We could go ahead with the order if you could be more specific with what you want.

Customer (11:34:14) That will surely help me as my order will mainly focus on using the fabric which is used in colored shirts and costumes seen during Halloween. Do you have the required fabric?

Factory  (11:35:14) We do have the specific fabric you are looking for. It is known as Broadcloth fabric which is especially used for costumes prepared during the Halloween season. It is abundantly available in our inventory. I’ll be sending you few links to certain sections of our website where you can find Broadcloth and other fabrics related to TV shows. If you could hold for a minute, I’ll forward you the same.

Customer (11:35:24) Sure, I’ll hold.

Factory  (11:36:14)  Thank you for staying online, sir. I will now be forwarding the links for the specific sections of our inventory.

Home page: 

Batting for representing snow:

Polyester stuffing for costumes:

Backdrop fabric for props:


 Unbleached cotton:

And colored broadcloth fabric:

Customer (11:37:14) Your inventory and product collection is impressive and had grabbed my attention for longer than I expected. I will be confirming and finalizing my order once my colleague picks his favorites and we reach to a conclusion.

Factory  (11:38:14)  Take your time, sir. We are glad to have your attention. Is there anything else I can help you with sir?

Customer (11:39:14) I had one question! Does your organization have any deals like specific discounts for corporate organizations?

Factory  (11:40:14) Yeah Larry, we offer a business only discount especially on bulk orders and for wholesale clients, we offer a discount which is valid for the entire bill. Most of the orders on our website are placed by corporate organizations which inspired us to include this deal exclusively for them. Every Bulk order gets a 5% discount.

Customer (11:41:14) Brilliant! Being a production unit, we place a lot of bulk orders and would be hard to survive without a discount. Now that there is a discount fixed, I will be placing it soon. Apart from that, do you give credit?

Factory  (11:42:14)  The credit is valid only for bona fide businesses and institutions, Larry. I think your organization will qualify for credit.

Customer (1:43:14) Nice! Thank you so much for clearing my doubts.

Factory  (11:44:14)  You’re welcome, sir. Have a nice day.

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