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Description: 'Décor Pillows made from Burlap’

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Customer (15:32:10 PM): Hello. My name is Gretchen and I represent the team of management at Boonsboro Inn’s. We are hosting a rustic themed decor and we need a fabric, which will give the event a royal look and stay true to the theme. One of my friends recommended your chain of distributors when I was on the lookout.

Factory (15:32:29 PM) We have something perfect for you. Burlap is a fabric that contributes well to a Rustic themed event. Apart from that, burlap is also perfect for events as it is an odorless fabric and doesn’t leave behind the typical smell that is associated with Burlap.

Customer (15:32:45 PM) That is great. Do you have Burlap pillows? If you don't, what other options do you have?

Factory (15:32:51 PM) - We do have burlap pillows, they're a particular favorite in this wedding season. Would you consider buying pillows with covers or the ones with the inserts?

Customer (15:32:55 PM): That’s great! I’ll take both, as I'm concerned more about the size.

Factory (15:33:05 PM): Don't worry sir. For a better experience, you can go through the inventory and pick your size of interest.

Customer (15:33:23 PM): Sure I can do that. I will be placing a bulk order with an order size around the hundreds. Is it applicable for a discount? What are the shipping charges and which service do you employ?

Factory (15:33:54 PM): Yes, which qualifies for a bulk order and will get a discount. If you contact us before payment, we will ensure that a part of the whole bill amount is discounted. However, shipping charges are independent. We use our own delivery vans in the GTA, which aren't as expensive as other shipping sources.

Customer (15:34:12 PM): Perfect. I’ll get back to you after finalizing my order.

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