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Description: ‘Discount code for Halloween and Christmas Craft Supplies'

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Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

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Customer (18:21:15) – Hi, I’m Richie representing ‘The Lighthouse’. Our office will be hosting an inter-office event this year for which I have volunteered as an organizer. The event will be based around the holiday theme associated with Halloween and Christmas seasons. Before I start, I’ll like to clear a few doubts that I had regarding how to place an order and the shipping charges. Would you mind clearing them? One of my friends told me that your organization has the best inventory for craft supplies which have been specifically designed for festive occasions like Christmas and Halloween Décor?

Factory– (18:21:29) – Hi Richie! I’m always available to clear your doubts. Firstly, your friend is absolutely right! We do take pride in hosting one of the largest inventories for craft supplies in all of Toronto especially the exclusive ones for Christmas and Halloween décor. During such seasons, we introduce new stock and increase the size of our inventory to meet with the steep rise in demands in the market for customized seasonal fabrics. This season, we are launching brand new varieties of burlap rolls, cheesecloth and fabric backdrop designed around the holiday cheer associated with Halloween and Christmas. The stuff is authentic and exclusive especially in décor, where we have quilt batting, polyester stuffing and broadcloth which can be used to give the impression of snow and snowfall ideal for the situation.

Customer – (18:21:42) – Wow, this is exactly what I need to for the decoration for the event. My order is already finalized, but the only issue that was holding us back is the shipping and the charges related to it. This is mainly because of the distance as our office is located in central BC whereas your company is localized in Toronto which isn’t in your shipping radius. To be honest, we don’t have many options left considering that all the other shipping agencies we tried have below average quality and extremely high rates. When on the lookout, my partner suggested your company as a final resort as your service was relatively cheaper and never compromised on the quality.

Factory– (18:22:02) – I totally understand your problem, sir. Even though we are considered the best in Toronto because of our rates which are on the economic side and our impressive quality standards, we cannot interfere with the shipping which is beyond our shipping circle as it is provided by independent third-party shipping agencies. However, where we can’t interfere is the shipping as it is provided by independent third and is not our own. Hence, the charges are unpredictable and could most probably be higher when compared to our service. Don’t be disappointed, we always try our level best to help our customers and that is why we are offering you a 6% discount coupon code which will reduce your entire bill amount significantly. This way you can adjust the discount amount with your shipping charges for the order.

Customer – (18:22:17) – Thank you so much for that. Could you hold for a minute? I’ll discuss it with my partner and ask his opinion about the offer.

Factory– (18:22:29) – Sure sir, I’ll hold. Meanwhile, if you are interested, I would like to send you the latest edition of our newsletter on your registered email ID. The newsletter features our new range that we just launched like in burlap; we have introduced new stock of burlap ribbon and burlap bags which are a specialty during the Christmas season. It also includes lace trim and burlap which we have launched again after revamping their designs by giving them a rustic look for events which have a rustic theme.

Customer – (18:22:54) – Brilliant, it’ll help me with the next order. By the way, I had the discussion with my partner and we are a go. The order is finalized and I will be placing the order as soon as possible without any loss of time. One more thing, where can I place the order?

Factory– (18:23:07) – It’ll help you with all of your future orders as it will feature all our plans and designs which we plan on releasing soon. It is updated every month, so stay tuned. You can place the order directly on our website As I had promised earlier, I’ll be giving you a discount code which you can use prior to your checkout, all you have to do is enter the discount code ****** in the space provided and you would have successfully got a 6% discount on your entire bill amount. The code is valid only for one order or for 15 days, whichever comes first. So I suggest you use it as early as possible and save it in your notes.

Customer – (18:23:15) – I will be ordering in the next hour as I am already half way done with the order, thanks to your guidance. So don’t worry about the validity. I’m impressed with your service.

Factory– (18:23:31) –  Thank you for your order, sir. Take care and have a nice day.


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