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Customer (1:29:37) Good morning! I am Garry and I’m a representative from The Netherrealm productions unit. I am a producer and my recent project is a kids’ TV Show. For the show, I require authentic fabrics urgently and I have not been able to find proper companies who can offer me a better price or better efficiency. I had almost given up the search until one of my friends suggested your organization. I hope your store is the final stop for my lookout for authentic fabrics. To be more precise, I was looking for a fabric which can be efficiently used and manipulated well for costume, backdrops, and props.

Factory  (1:32:46) Hello, sir. I can ensure you that you have come to the right place and this is indeed your final stop. We at pillowforms are extremely proud to boast about a humongous collection of authentic fabrics with different and rare varieties available in our inventory. Our line of product development is designed in a manner to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved. Apart from our regular line of products, we also have blankets, tablecloths, and finished goods under the other range of fabrics.

Customer (1:33:37) Amazing, I am now sure that I won’t be disappointed with your service and will walk back happy. For the Kids TV show, our entire board of costume designers has decided on a common decision to sew the costumes manually and prepare majority of the props and costumes themselves on our set from raw materials. This way we’re getting unique ideas not just on paper but also on a fabric material which is both efficient and effective. I am personally going to support their decision as it cut costs and reduces the expenses apart from giving out team a chance to explore their creative side in the process. We were looking out for vibrant colored shirting material; do you think you have those?

Factory  (1:34:20) Sir, our organization maintains strong quality circles and we ensure that our customers are never disappointed with our service. As a suggestion, I will recommend you use top quality Broadcloth fabric which is available in our inventory. The fabric will satisfy all your needs, is user-friendly and can be easily manipulated. For these reasons, it is extremely popular among designers. You will find it extremely useful as it has a broad color spectrum and they are all bright and vibrant. If you don’t mind, I’ll send you a few links which will direct you to our online inventory wherein you can decide on what you wish to order. This way we don’t have any doubts regarding the material. Can you hold for a minute, sir?

Customer (1:34:21) Yeah, sure.

Factory  (1:34:22) Thank you for your patience, Garry. As I promised, here are the links to our website where you’ll be redirected to specific sections of our store.

Home page: 

Batting for representing snow:

Polyester stuffing for costumes:

Backdrop fabric for props:


 Unbleached cotton:

And colored broadcloth fabric:

Customer (1:35:20) Excellent! Can you hold for a minute? I’ll just go through the links and update you on the same.

Factory  (1:35:23) Yes sir, I will hold. Take your time.

Customer (1:35:36) The links are all great, the collections as you mentioned earlier are very huge. I’ll have my board of designers look through this and finalize the order by choosing what’s best for us. Thank you so much! I’ll be placing the order soon afterwards.

Factory  (1:35:41) As you wish, sir. I will be waiting for you to place your order and update me on the same. Until then, is there anything else that I can help you with?

Customer (1:35:42) Yeah, I had a small doubt regarding the final order. Before finalizing my order, I wanted to ask if your organization offers any commercial discounts for partner businesses. For example, offers and discounts which are given to businesses for bulk orders.

Factory  (1:36:08) Yes Garry, we do! We at pillowforms deal with several businesses and corporate organizations. Moreover, a large amount of our orders are placed by such businesses on a regular basis. For this reason, we decided on offering a discount amount for all bulk orders. We also understand the characteristics of a bulk order and have certain milestones set in place based on the final bill amount which will offer you a discount for your order pre-discount during a bulk purchase.

Customer (1:39:00) Brilliant! I will be ordering in bulk and wanted a discount for the same. I’ll contact you regarding the same when I finalize my order.

Factory (1:40:14) Any time for you sir. Have a nice day.

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