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Customer: (5:51:54) – Hello, I’m Sam, a representative of an organization who’s central unit is setup in central Burnaby BC. As fabrics are in demand this season, we are urgently in need of 24 burlap runners. Your organization came recommended by a friend as we need a bulk order for the same amount of fabric in all sizes available. However, I’ll need to refer to a price list of sorts to make an estimate before I place my order?

Factory: (5:52:12) - Hello Sam. For an estimate, you can refer to our price list which was designed as per crafters and home based businesses needs. The general pricing and shipping costs are accessible to the public as they are available on our website. As we gained most of our loyal customers through Facebook, we are offering our customers with few coupons which can also be redeemable on Facebook. Please stand by.

Factory: (5:54:01) - Thank you for your patience. Our website has separate tabs for a general price list and for all of our products which can grab your attention.
1) Apart from that, if you’re looking to make an estimate for your shipping charges you can follow this link:, you’ll find that we offer shipping services at a relatively cheaper rate when compared to third party courier and delivery services.
2) You can always read the experiences of our previous customers at and send us your own experience of ordering with us on our Facebook wall   at 
3) Additionally, for coupons, follow this link: Facebook owners are eligible to get an additional discount of 8% just for liking our Facebook page

The process of redeeming the coupons is quite simple, all you have to do is contact us before you checkout and we’ll get you a nominal discount on your total bill amount. You can always e-mail for any assistance.

Customer: (5:55:23) – Wow. I didn’t know of this. I’ll like you page as soon as I get the time. Right now, I have a 10% discount available as I had posted a review for one of your products. Can you assist me on how to redeem it?

Factory: (5:56:43) -  Sure, sir. The coupon issued to you isn’t valid as this is your first order and can only be redeemed on a second, third or the next following order. If you checkout now with the items in your cart, the next time you shop your 10% coupon will be valid.

Customer: (5:56:15) – Okay. At least I have the 8% discount. By the way, can I get back to you later with my final order? I need to contact my superiors and finalize. Can I contact you then?

Factory: (5:56:38) - Sure. Contact us on 1-855-466-3890 and ask for a facebook member exclusive discount. Have a good day.


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