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Customer: (11:12:34 PM) – Hi, I’m Alyssa and I’m a direct representative of a costumer designing organization known as ‘Clock Events Co.’ Halloween is fast approaching and we already have received pre-orders for Halloween party costumes. One of the most important components in costumes is fabric. The fabric we use for the costumes is cheesecloth. For several orders, we’ll require a lot of cheesecloth and we will be ordering in bulk. I was wondering if you could help me out with how to place an order and other details.

Factory: (11:12:55 PM) - Sure, ma’am. Let’s start with the basics, what grade of cheesecloth will you need to stitch the costumes? Don’t worry about the availability as our inventory has it all, right from Grade 10 to 90.

Customer: (11:13:14 PM) – I’m sorry; I don’t have much information regarding the grades. Can you help me pick something, maybe a relatively cost-effective option?

Factory: (11:13:28 PM) – Don’t you worry. If you need economical options, the Grades from 10 – 30 will fit all your needs.

Customer: (11:13:34 PM) – Oh that’s amazing! I will be placing an order for all the three grades you mentioned. I’ll be placing a bulk order so will I get a discount and what about the shipping and delivery charges?

Factory: (11:13:54 PM) – The process is quite simple. All you got to do is get on to our website, fill your shopping cart, and give us a call. We’ll get you a discount on your total bill amount. However, your shipping charges are independent and will not be applicable for a discount.

Customer: (11:14:05 PM) – Okay. I’ll contact you soon while placing my order.

 Factory: (11:14:14 PM) – We’re always available. Have a nice day.

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