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Description: ‘Making a Cheesecloth ghost costume from various fabrics'

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Customer – (7:21:42) –Good morning, I’m a regular customer of your business as most of my company’s orders are placed on your website. I usually collect all the orders from your warehouse and am responsible for their subsequent delivery to our home office. We are a new company in town and have recently set up our shop. We would like to maintain healthy relations with your business as we utilize your resources for all of our products. Recently we got a big order from a reputed organization and I was tasked with the procurement of fabric. I had placed an order for two fabric materials: Burlap and lace trim from your website and then I noticed that your business actively manufactured and are large chain distributors of exotic fabric materials like cheesecloth and muslin unbleached cotton. I am very interested in working with these materials and making something useful from the raw fabric. These two and then I was thinking of purchasing broadcloth fabric as a linker for both of these. I wanted to place an order for the same and had a few doubts in mind.

Factory – (7:22:03) – Good morning! Welcome to our factory at pillowforms. We always welcome our regular customers with a big smile and encourage budding businesses to partner with us and we can help the company blossom in the challenging and competitive present day situation of the market. As you are a regular customer, is it safe to assume that you already have knowledge about the delivery and shipping system that operates around our business? Coming to your order, as I’ll be helping you go through the end of this order, I would like it if you could be slightly more specific with the details like mentioning what grade of cheesecloth are you most interested in? I only ask for the details as our inventory has all the different kinds of cheesecloth grades that are available in Canada and each grade has a specific need and method of use.

Customer – (7:22:13) – Yes, I know how the whole shipping and delivery system works and am well versed with the terms and conditions in place. Also, I must have been engrossed in work that I forgot to mention any form of detail related to the order. I’ll explain my plan to you in simpler terms, my main objective is to use the fabric completely and not leave it for trash. Why not use the fabric in a more efficient manner and design a better product. One idea that was stuck in my mind was using the fabric to sew a perfect cheesecloth ghost costume as a special for the Halloween season. Ghost costumes are a crowd favorite especially during the season of Halloween for trick or treats or for recreation in parties. This can be used not just for the regular orders or for retail purposes but also as readymade cheesecloth ghost costumes for some corporate office parties which are seen all across the state.

Factory – (7:22:39) – I’m particularly glad to know that you are well versed with the terms and conditions that are in place at our organization! The idea of a Halloween ghost costume is brilliant! The perfect fabric material for the same according to me is the Grade 10 of cheesecloth fabric. The fabric is ideal and has a microscopic 20 x 10 inch square box matrix which allows fluent and proper air and water flow. You’ll be pleased to know that as a competitive advantage, the fabric is relatively cheaper than the other grades of cheesecloth or alternative fabric for that matter. If you can explore other options too I suggest you consider the Grade 20 of cheesecloth also as there have been instances where the fabric was used to sew most of the costumes especially during the Halloween season as it gives a denser look to the matrix.

Customer – (7:22:57) – I’m glad that I most of my orders go through your organization. To be honest, I have heard about the efficiency that is the Grade 20 material I still prefer the grade 10 fabric to the grade 20 especially when it comes to ready-made cheesecloth ghost costumes. For future projects wherein I won’t be dealing with readymade costumes, I will opt for higher grades of cheesecloth like the grade 20 and grade 40 and over which are regarded as the most versatile and lush grades of cheesecloth according to a survey which was conducted by a fashion and lifestyle magazine. I had a few doubts related to my order and I hope you can clear those. Firstly, I’ll like to ask you what the highest grade that you sell is. Also, what is the highest length you sell for any fabric, be it any grade of cheesecloth?

Factory – (7:23:10) – We have everything you need, all the grades of cheesecloth as you mentioned earlier, it is true that cheesecloth as a fabric is a crowd favorite and is extremely popular among our customers. Cheesecloth is always in demand which demands that our inventory is full. With quantity out of the question, I’ll like to address the other question that you had, the one where you questioned about the length of the fabric we offer in a single unit. We use the yard system to measure our fabric and the maximum length that we can retail as one single unit is 100 yards. I see that you are interested in the largest size, will your order be a bulk order?

Customer – (7:23:21) – Yes, as I need a lot of material, I will be ordering several units of the largest size which should make it a bulk order. My order will have 10 units of 100 yards of the Cheesecloth grade 20, 40 and 90 and 15 units of 100 yards of the Cheesecloth grade 10 fabric materials. I hope this qualifies for a bulk order as I could really use the bulk discount you offer.

Factory – (7:23:37) – I just noted your order down and have performed a primary analysis on it and I can conclude that that your order will be treated as a bulk order. You will get a special bulk order discount which is applicable on your entire bill when you use the coupon code ******. Enter the code in a space provided on the checkout page when you place the order on our website. You had also mentioned about unbleached muslin at the start of the conversation, do you wish to know more about it? Will you be placing an order for it too?

Customer – (7:23:48) – I will be using the coupon code right away, thank you. I really appreciate the discount as it will benefit my business a lot. , I must have completely forgotten about the unbleached muslin! For another independent project, I need 2 bolts of the widest muslin cotton you have.

Factory – (7:23:58) – We are happy to help any business that is ready to partner with us. I am sorry sir, but the widest muslin cotton that we have is 63” which isn’t the widest range available. Can I suggest you an alternative? It would not have much effect as we have the widest material that is backdrop fabric which is available in our inventory and has an amazing 114 inch width. Moreover, you’ll be pleased to know that the fabric is very similar and has identical quality when compared to muslin but instead of being equipped with traditional cotton it has polyester cotton blended to it. For better stimulation, like the experience of snowfall you can use the quilt batting we offer.

Customer – (7:24:05) – Thank you so much, I will surely benefit from your smart thinking and so will my business. I will for sure order the backdrop as I wanted a wide fabric. The snowfall stimulation is one that many clients will benefit from. I will go ahead and make the purchase right away.

Factory – (7:24:18) – You can place the order directly from our website and can even redeem the discount offer, apart from getting door delivery services. Is there anything else that I can help you with? If there is you can call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Customer – (7:24:31) – Yeah, thank you so much again for the assistance. I will contact you for my next orders once I am done with Halloween and the orders. Have a nice day and goodbye.

Factory – (7:24:37) – You are welcome, sir! Have a nice day.

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