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Customer (7:22:07) Hello, my name is Harry and I’m one of the representatives of a company known as the ‘Craftsvillae’. It was started by me with the help of a few of my friends recently and we’ve constantly developing our business brick by brick. It is a brand new business in the market and we’re coping with the present day situation of the market and moving forward. We have received our first big order and for the same order, I had to perform a complete scan of the inventory and found that we were in urgent need for the procurement of raw materials. To be more specific, we need a heavy canvas and other such fabric material. However, being a man who holds a formidable position in the company, I will have to try out samples and perform a series of quality assessment tests before I finalize any form of an order, which, of course, is a safety measure. I would, in particular, prefer to try out a sample of the 10 oz cotton canvas. However, I’ll need your help with the same. I have a lot of doubts regarding the subject. Firstly, can you tell me how I could do an inspection for the same fabric? Will I have to come over to your warehouse to inspect it or do I get to order it to my home office? Secondly, coming to the canvas material, do you carry heavier canvas like the black canvas or just the unbleached canvas?

Factory (7:22:33) Hello, sir! I have heard of your budding organization and am glad that we as a factory are able to partner with such organizations in a sense of symbiosis. We are always happy to help you. You’ll be glad to know that our inventory has the exact material you’re looking for and various other fabrics which are all available in a wide spectrum of colors and sizes. Even with such a large inventory, we have found that the cotton canvas we have been limited as we face a problem of limited supply right now. As of now, the amount available in our inventory is 10 oz of unbleached canvas. This isn’t a matter of any concern as we can assure you that we can deliver to you more amount of the fabric as per your demands without compromising on the delivery time. All we want to do is to help our customers and deliver orders on time no matter what conditions prevail. These are the standards we abide by at pillowforms. You asked about the availability of the sample testing option, didn’t you? You’ll be glad to know that we do offer samples. A sample would cost you $5 generally, however, there’s a twist in the tale. Now if you go ahead and place an order for the same sample fabric after ordering the sample, we will offer cash back of twice the amount of the cost of the sample i.e. $10 refund on your next order. You can use this money for your further orders or use it as a discount on the prevailing order.

Customer (7:22:41) Brilliant! This is a great offer that your organization offers. This way one would not have to be bothered about the samples and wasting time and money on them. I would like to order a sample, as I said it would preferably be for the canvas material. However, I’ll need your guidance. Can you guide me with the same? How do I order the sample? If it has to be placed online, can you send me the link where I can check the samples out? If it is offline, can you guide me with the same?

Factory (7:22:55) Yes sir, you will have my guidance with you throughout your order and even after as a part of post sales service. It is important you know that the order can only be placed online on our website. You can refer this link for more: Hope you find it useful.

Customer (7:23:11) I went through it briefly as I have an urgent meeting right now where I have to discuss the prospects of the following project with my colleagues. I have included your offer in the presentation. They asked about the sample as they were in two minds as to what to place an order for? The options were endless and the time was limited. Now with these samples, we can experiment with our order and modify it as per our use. This saves a lot of time and money, to be very honest. It is an amazing initiative started by you. One sample of unbleached cotton would be more than enough as we were thinking of placing a bulk order for the same soon. It will be in the next month, by then I hope your inventory size would be more than moderate levels. I only suggest this because our business or any business for that matter will be dealing a lot with you and your fabrics.

Factory (7:23:19) Absolutely! To be honest, you just caught us off guard and I assure you’ll never catch us again! Essentially, we understand our customer’s needs and modeled our inventory as they need. We also offer regular shipping services, however, if there are customers who want the order to be delivered early i.e. before the estimated delivery time of six days, we also provide a faster service. You can check out our FedEx Expedited shipping service for $8.

Customer (7:23:27)  That is amazing! All of this will save me a lot of time! Thank you so much, you have been very supportive and friendly. I’ll be presenting the same and the options available for us and will soon place the order once my colleagues agree.

Factory (7:23:37) You’re welcome sir. We hope to hear from you soon. Take care and have a nice day.

Customer (7:23:41)  You will. Take care.


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