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Customer – (19:25:41) – Hello! I am a representative of an organization which has been slowly building its reputation for their décor suite. I am the in-charge for the procurement of materials both at raw level and at product material level. I have been your regular customer and have frequently placed orders for materials from your website. A few days back, for a project I had placed an order for the exotic down feather pillow inserts and you’ll be pleased to know that I was extremely satisfied with the package and the condition I received it in. Not only was it top quality but it was also in-time. When I informed my supervisors about the same, they encouraged me to go ahead and partner with your organization as a part of our next project. Our company’s next big order will go through you and I will be responsible for the materials as well as products. We require products of top quality from you and this time around we have planned to reduce the budget and order material which will comparatively be on the cost-effective side of things than what I had ordered earlier. These will be solely used for décor unlike the previous orders.

Factory – (19:26:12) – Hello, sir! Welcome to pillowforms. Firstly, I’ll like to greet you for being one of our loyal customers and extend our wishes from our community. We take pride in the quality offered by us for our products like the one you received. Every product undergoes several cycles of quality checks with scrutiny as customer satisfaction is what we aim at the end of the day. I understand from your preferences that you want to place an order for pillows which will only be used for home staging and décor purposes, right?

Customer – (19:26:21) – Yes, that is my preference.

Factory – (19:26:23) –As per your preferences, I recommend you go for an exotic range of décor pillow inserts which can also be used as sleeping pillows. The present stock we have consists of all size variants, ranging from the standard, to the queen and finally to the largest i.e. the king size. The pillows had an outer lining which is well associated with the sewing that we perform of several of our pillows. It is the polypropylene fabric lining which is seen over a major portion of our fabric ranges. The lining helps them stay unique, as it helps them retain the same fluffy nature which is always associated with your comfy pillows and gives them the exquisite look associated with regular décor pillows. As per your preferences, these type of pillows are 15% more cost-effective when compared to the standard pillow range. Isn’t that amazing?

Customer – (19:27:15) – Wow, a 15% reduction would be very acceptable and reasonable especially when there is no compromise on the quality. Coming to my order, I would like to know the details of the pillows so that I can place the order? Precisely, my order’s first draft has 25 pillows in queen size, 25 in king size and 20 in the standard size pillows. I’m ordering over 50 units of the material just so I never have the problem of an empty inventory. This would be crucial in the development of the final stages of our décor ***** suite.

Factory – (19:27:41) – I have noted your order and can happily tell you that we have all the material that you need in sufficient amounts. You can place the order as you may have done earlier on the same website -

Customer – (19:27:45) – Yes I do remember the website and the procedure involved in placing an order. Thanks to your detailed expertise, I will not need any further guidance when it comes to placing the order. However, I will need to details regarding the shipping?

Factory – (19:27:48) –Your pillows like the other pillow ranges under shipping rules will be compressed heavily so as to ensure that you save more on shipping space. Recovering the package from the compression will follow the following protocol: once you receive the package, release the pillows from the packaging box and allow them to soak in the air right away without maintaining any pressure over them. Once they decompress, you will have your fluffy and plush pillows in less than 3 hours of time. After the decompression, you can use them for décor or for any other purpose.

Customer – (19:28:13) – I have recorded the protocol for the decompression, thank you for helping me with the same. Next, I’ll like to discuss my delivery location which is A*****a. Is it under your shipping radius? If yes, I would prefer it if my package was delivered to my previous address by this weekend. You already have my address; it is the same address as before. Will it get delivered by then?

Factory – (19:28:21) – Yes sir, I will ensure that your order is delivered on time. This will happen only if you can place your order under the hour and I will personally ensure that your shipment goes through the processing system as well as the production process a little faster and reviewed by the end of today itself. If you do so, I can have it shipped by tomorrow or latest is by the day after.

Customer – (19:28:40) – That would be amazing! I am impressed with your timely service. I shall place the order right away and not waste any time.

 Factory – (19:28:48) – Thank you for that sir, all we do is to ensure that our customers are extremely happy at the end of the day. While you were preparing a draft of your order, I went through your buyer profile stored with us for your details and for the address and I found that you had asked for placing an order for king size duvets and some table cloths as per your previous chat conversations but you never got around to doing so. Do you wish to place an order for them now or have you no immediate requirement? I only ask because there would be a little space for you in the shipping box where you can occupy an extra order. The shipping cost for them is very less as they are compressed, as I had mentioned earlier.

Customer – (19:28:59) – How could I forget?! I must have forgotten about the order as I was busy with personal work. If it is no problem for you, can you include it to the present order? Would be a great help! The details of the order are: 10 king size duvets and 15 table cloths and also a few white bath towels. I can utilize material like this for the development of our décor suites and probably will benefit from checking out the other materials that are there in your inventory.

Factory – (19:29:19) – We take pride in hosting one of the largest inventories in all of Canada, especially for pillows! The materials we offer will support your cause and will help you go a long way, you can view them and order them from our website which is open for exploration and if you are not in an area which has proper access to the internet or would like to check on the material first-hand, you can check the inventory at any of our warehouses. This way you can save up on a lot of your shipping costs and time. For the present package, if you order whatever you need immediately you will have the package delivered at your doorstep by next week. One should always keep in mind, time is money.

Customer – (19:29:37) –I will be placing the order immediately. Thank you.

Factory – (19:29:46) – There’s one other thing that you may have not mentioned. Once your place an order and it gets confirmed, you will receive a tracking number for your shipment under 24 hours of placing the order. If you place it now, you will get the tracking number by this time tomorrow or even earlier. With this tracking number, you can track the delivery of your package in real-time with the location of the warehouses detailed on a map on the website just with a single click.

Customer – (19:30:05) – Thank you so much for you help and patience. I will definitely log in tomorrow too and record my tracking number. I have been planning on using the feature for a long time.

Factory – (19:30:13) –You’re welcome, sir. Have a nice day.

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