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Customer: (13:22:24 PM) – Hello, I’m Roland. I’m the external affairs representative for the ‘Alpine Hut’ restaurant. Our restaurant is quite famous all across Canada as we have opened outlets in every corner. Our kitchens are appreciated even outside of Canada. We have gained this popularity because of our dishes and our unique methods of preparation. For the same, we require good quality and durable cheesecloth fabric. Your organization came recommended by a friend.

Factory: (13:22:35 PM) – The Alpine Hut is very famous, indeed. We can cater to your needs as our inventory is one of the largest in the whole of Canada. The cheesecloth grade range is from Grade 10 to Grade 90. Which grade are you most interested in?

Customer: (13:22:54 PM) – Thank you. As we set high standards, our restaurant needs only the best quality cheesecloth grade which is ideal for culinary and kitchen purposes.

Factory: (13:23:11 PM) – Alright. The Grade #60 and above grades of cheesecloth are high in quality and are quite popular for culinary purposes.

Customer: (13:23:25 PM) – Yeah that does seem like a good option. However, before I finalize, I’ll like to confront my in-charge and discuss the same. Can I place the order later? In the mean while, can we discuss the cost? I will be placing a large shipment of cheesecloth and I hope there is a discount for a bulk order of fabric?

Factory: (13:23:48 PM) – Yes sir. All bulk orders qualify for a discount. The process to avail the discount is quite simple. You can get online to place your order, finalize your order, and give us a call prior to checking out. We’ll guide you from there. A friendly reminder, the discount isn’t valid on shipping and delivery charges. Those charges are independent.

Customer: (13:24:15 PM) – Nice. I’ll get back to you in the afternoon once my supervisor agrees.

Factory: (13:24:26 PM) – You can contact us anytime on a weekday, sir. Have a nice day.

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