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Customer (3:42:17) – I am an associate from an organizing committee which is looking for fabrics for organizing a rustic wedding. From a given list we have short-listed a select few fabrics. The fabric of my interest is Burlap and I’ll be looking to order rolls of burlap. One more thing, as it a rustic wedding event we will be looking to order in bulk only i.e. around a few bundles of full length Burlap rolls which will all be used up for décor of the event.

Factory (3:42:59) –Burlap as a fabric is very popular especially when it comes to events like rustic weddings. Luckily for you, not only have we got the highest quality burlap but also have a variety of sizes under that section. The sizes are categorized purely based on the fabric’s width with our range which starts from 1.15 inches and ends at 72 inches.

Customer – (3:43:29) – Do you have a full length burlap roll? I would like to have one as it’s an ideal fabric for what I hope to do on it and is also one of my own interests. I would like to order it. Do you have a standard size for it?

Factory – (3:43:57) – The standard size/universal size for burlap fabric is approximately 100 yards.

Customer (3:44:10) Okay, considering its only a 100 yards long, I’ll order 2 full length rolls of 72 inches and a single roll from the 60, 40, 20, and 12 width as the price increases when the quantity is low.

Factory– (3:44:37) –That’s fine sir. I will make a rough draft of your present order and to place the final order with or without any changes, just give us a call and we shall move ahead with your order. This way further documentation is smoother and will minimize discrepancies and ultimately avoid problems.

Customer (3:44:54) – Yeah hold on cause I’ll have to confirm with my superiors too. This way I can submit the order to them directly and follow up on the same. Can I  place the order later? Like online or something?

Factory (3:45:19) – Yes, sir you can place the order online and also explore our inventory in the meantime. After you place the order, you can give us a call and we’ll respond to you within the hour and will dispatch your item for shipping under 24 hours of confirmation.

Customer– (3:45:43) – How much time will it take? I’m on a time constraint.

Factory– (3:44:52) – Believe me, sir this is the most time-efficient and non-cumbersome process. There’ll be other ways too which involve you to track the package manually, so this is much better. Is there anything else that I could help you with?

Customer– (3:45:43) – Do you have any accessory in mind that you can recommend for the event so that I can report about it directly and work is under way?

Factory– (3:46:07) – For rustic themed weddings, it is recommended you have Burlap ribbons, which are extremely useful for tying other stuff but also for decoration and all. Any other queries please do let us know. Have a nice day ahead.

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