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Description: ‘Shipping Service from FedEx’

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Customer (15:12:44) Hello, I’m Parry representing a small-scale business that a few of my friends and I started in our own backyard. One of my friends used to pick up all our orders from your warehouse directly and would usually get it to the home office. This would save up a lot of our money and was extremely advantageous for our business. However, this week he won’t be able to the pickup for the order and I would like to use your shipping services so as to get my order delivered at my home office immediately. However, before I begin to use your services, I’ll need to know about the charges and the shortcomings of the services along with the pros. 

Factory (15:13:20) Good evening, sir! We at pillowforms apologize for any misunderstanding that could have taken place but our organization does not offer any shipping services on its own. We depend on FedEx, an independent third-party shipping and delivery services organization for all our shipping and delivery services for all our customers. The service offered by FedEx is independent and hence the costs are not decided by us and could be inconsistent. The charges will vary according to the weight of your package and the distance of your drop-off location from the warehouse. Where do you want the package to be delivered?

Customer (15:14:37) Nice, I have heard that FedEx is one of the most reputed shipping services across the world and I would certainly trust them with the delivery of my order. I would prefer that my order is delivered in Lions Head, Ontario.

Factory (15:14:52) Lions Head, Ontario is an excellent location which is right in the centre of everything commercial. I can happily say that it is well under our shipping radius and we can deliver to that location with ease. However, you’ll have to pinpoint me the location or any drop-off location so as to get the order with ease. I’ll require specific details like for example: mention your address details, your full address and postal code. It’ll be easier to get a shipment quote and ultimately would ease in placing your order.

Customer (15:15:09) Sure! The postal code for the delivery point is ******

Factory (15:15:32) I have got your details and have noted them down. However, for the time being our servers are all down and we have to resort to alternative ways. The alternative way involves you getting an estimate of your entire bill on our website directly while you’re placing an order. There isn’t much to follow and you can do it with ease. When you’re checking out with your items that you’ve added to your cart, select the option shopping cart and you will be redirected to another page where you will notice that the page will open all the items that you purchased in a sequential order in your bill. The next part is pretty simple and involves selecting the option “select the option” right next to a blank space meant for writing discount codes. Once you have got the estimate value, you have the option to electrically store it or manually write into records. You can also get a fax of your estimate of your shipping charges which can be sent to your home address too.

Customer (15:15:51) That’s sheer brilliance! I’ll like to check it out for a sample, just to get an estimate.

Factory (15:16:06) Don’t you worry, we already test our product for almost all the features with several of our samples or tests. The pre-data was all recorded on our website and now can be used as a sample shipment. This will ensure us to get a general idea of the various components of an invoice and how it is constructed. For the shipping charges sample, refer to:

Customer (15:16:30)  I viewed the sample shipment and circulated the same among my other colleagues. I will be going ahead and place the order and I believe they will follow soon. Its been a very tiring day and I will be retiring for my bed anytime now. If any one of them calls or sends a message, can you forward the details of the shipping and the quote to my associates? I’ll notify you of their details before I place the order.

Factory (15:17:30)  Sure sir. I’ll call you as soon as I have something related to your order. Once I get the details of your associates, I’ll send them a fax and a personal text. Apart from that, is there anything else that I can help you with?

Customer (15:17:39)  That’ll be all, thank you so much and good night.

Factory (15:17:30)  You’re welcome, sir. Good night!

To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified. 

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