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PillowForms.ca is your source for Canadian made Pillow Forms.

PolyFill Pillow Forms

Polyfill Pillow Forms

Down/Feather Pillow Forms
Down/Feather Filled Pillow Insert
Bed Pillows
Bed Pillows


Square Pillows

Rectangle Pillows

Round Pillows

Heart Pillows

Bolsters/Neck Rolls/Yoga Pillows

Custom Size Pillows

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We have been manufacturing in Canada since 1951. Made in CanadaOur prices are very competitive (quantity discounts available as well). Orders can be shipped with our low shipping rates or picked up at our factory location. If you need any assistance:
1) email (we monitor our emails 18 hours a day) or 
2) call (855) 466-3890 or
3) use the online chat during local (Toronto) business hours.